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I have been requested many times for another curly hair tutorial but for prom/bridal events. So this is my chance to put a hairstyle that can be used together =D You can wear this everyday or even to a special event. The look is very soft, elegant, classy but also romantic. So if you\’re feeling girly- *thumbs up* I used: Hot Tools Helen Of Troy Curling Iron with a 1 1/4 inch barrel Garnier Surf spray Umberto Giannini Hairspray This want to also thank you guys… would it believe it took me a whole 5 months to reach 1000 bubzcribers but 2 weeks onwards- I have gained 750+ bubzcribers? This is so amazing and all thanks to your support. It makes me smile that you guys enjoy my videos of my randomness. I want to tell you guys that Bubbi loves you!!! So muchies!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend my fellow bubbies!!! Much love, Bubbi

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